Children Using Laptop In The Classroom
Children Using Laptop In The Classroom

School-Based Health Centers: Building Bridges: Reuniting Communities Through School-Based Care Webinar Series

To register for the series of 9 webinars visit this link:

* All membership organizations will receive a $25 coupon code. Please check our website to verify if you are a 2022 member organization or affiliate member. Visit: The contact people listed on our CASBHC website, under members and affiliates were sent the coupon code. If you need further assistance, email us at, viewing and evaluating all 9 webinars, you will receive a total of 6.5 CE credits.

* Fee for non-members: $125.00
Fee for members with a coupon code: $100.00

* The series will be available until June 1, 2023

Children Using Laptop In The Classroom

Quality health care for students is a right.

Healthy children grow into healthy adults, which is why CASBHC focuses on improving health care for students. Our health care advocacy group works with partners, offers resources, and sponsors initiatives designed to boost the number of school-based health centers. Through these health facilities, we also expand access to health care for young people. Reach out to us for additional information.

Connecticut's school-based health centers have been delivering comprehensive health care to students in schools for over 30 years, where they spend 25% of their day. Today, there are more than 125 school-based health centers in the state, and the number keeps growing each year. The centers have become part of the essential care system for children and adolescents, providing physical, mental health, and oral health services to over 44,000 students annually in 29 communities.

Our Vision

All children and adolescents are healthy and achieving at their fullest potential.

The Connecticut Association of School-Based Health Centers is a state affiliate of the School-Based Health Alliance.

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