CASBHC Addresses Chronic Absenteeism

Jesse White-Fresé – Executive Director of CASBHC, and Sue Peters – Director of School-Based Health Centers for New Haven Public Schools' SBHC Program, recently presented on "School-Based Health Centers: Partners to Reduce Chronic Absenteeism" to the State Department of Education's Chronic Absence Workgroup. The presentation described the critical importance of addressing health issues that impact absenteeism. You can review the presentation here.

CASBHC Awarded Grant from CT Health Foundation

CASBHC has been awarded $108,267 (15 months) from CT Health Foundation for the 2nd cohort of SBHCs participating in the CT SBHC Quality Initiative. This grant will allow the association to continue its work helping school-based health centers collect, report, and track their performance on quality measures. It will expand this project to four additional organizations that operate 10 school-based health centers: Branford Public Schools, Stratford Health Department, Optimus Health Care in Bridgeport, and Child and Family Agency in Southeastern Connecticut.

Brief Reports:

Mental Health

School-Based Health Centers offer high-quality mental health care, provided by clinicians with expertise in child and adolescent health, using an interdisciplinary approach to health. SBHCs reduce the barriers experienced in traditional mental health settings, including stigma, difficulty accessing care and long wait times for appointments.

Addressing Obesity

School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) offer an opportunity to identify and monitor obesity in young children and adolescents. Preventive services such as dietary and exercise counseling offered at many SBHCs throughout the state.


A recent study found substantial economic benefits to School-Based Health Care (SBHC) programs for managing childhood asthma. The authors found that nearly half the cost of administering SBHC programs is recaptured through reduced emergency room, hospital, and outpatient expenses.

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Immunization Program

Connecticut's School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) play a vital role in keeping children healthy and in school by providing immunization on site.
The State of Connecticut has mandatory immunization requirements for children.
Without proof of such vaccines, children are not allowed to attend school.

Connecticut School-Based Health Centers Engage Adolescent African-American and Latino Males in Mental Health Services
African-American and Latino males are half as likely to receive mental health services than non-Hispanic White youth. Yet, both groups experience emotional and behavioral problems that often result in school and social issues. It is important to understand how African-American and Latino young men perceive and experience available mental health services, particularly services offered through School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs). SBHCs are generally more accessible to adolescents than community-based services. This Issue Brief describes the factors that contribute to the effective utilization of mental health services in Connecticut's SBHC by adolescent African-American and Latino male students and examines SBHCs and their staff's ability to engage this population. Read more...

Integrated, Trauma-Informed Mental Health Care to Support Boys & Young Men of Color
At the highest level of capacity, there are SBHCs with long-standing mental health programs that encompass a variety of services, including individual, family, group therapy, youth development, support groups, and crisis response, as needed. The mental health team is more likely to reflect students' racial/ethnic and gender diversity and has strong relationships with the medical team and school staff.
Read more on the California School-Based Health Alliance website.

The Connecticut Association Of School Based Health Center's School-Based Dental Manual – Click here to view
CASBHC is excited to release the first of its kind: The Guide to Connecticut School-Based Dental Services. This manual gives a general overview of providing school-based oral health services.
The purchase of a manual includes a hardcopy and electronic version. Member price $50 Non-member $55

The School-Based Health Center Coordinator's Manual 2.0 Is Here! – Click here to view
The Connecticut Association of School Based Health Centers has released the first edition of School-Based Health Center Coordinator's Manual. This manual provides extensive resources for starting, operating, and maintaining a school-based health center in the state of Connecticut. The contents draw directly from public health codes and public acts that regulate outpatient health care facilities in Connecticut. Also, sample forms are included in the appendix for your adaptation and use.

The Coordinator's Manual is an essential item for all school-based health centers in Connecticut.