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The Connecticut Association of School Based Health Centers (CASBHC) is an advocacy and networking organization committed to increasing access to quality health care for all children and adolescents in Connecticut schools. Our core values are:

• To actively and effectively advocate for school based health centers (SBHCs) in Connecticut.

• To expand comprehensive school based health services for children and adolescents.

• To improve the quality of child and adolescent prevention and treatment services in school based health centers.

• To ensure all children and adolescents are healthy and achieving at their fullest potential.


SBHC Organizational Members

$200.00 plus $50.00 for each state-funded site, capped at $1,000.00


An organizational member of CASBHC is a public or private organization, agency or clinic that holds a CT Department of Public Health Outpatient Clinic License and provides health services (medical, mental health or dental services) and promotes preventive health services to children and adolescents through school based health center services.


Benefits of SBHC Organizational membership

·         Representation on statewide councils and committees.

  • Training opportunities, technical assistance, and expert consultation to new and existing school-based health centers.
  • Active legislative education and advocacy on state and federal issues pertaining to school-based health centers.
  • Educational materials and other resources that become available to CASBHC.
  • Build local, statewide, and national support for school-based health centers.
  • May attend CASBHC Board meetings
  • A member profile on the CASBHC website.
  • Eligibility for CASBHC training scholarship opportunities.
  • Reduced fees for conferences and workshops.
  • Receive the CASBHC newsletter.


Affiliates (Non-SBHCs)

Organization: $100.00                           Individual: $50.00                       Students: $10.00


This category of membership is for persons or organizations who wish to show their support for healthy children and adolescents and who believe that healthy kids make better learners and stronger communities. All members in this category will be identified on the CASBHC website, will receive the CASBHC newsletter and will be eligible for reduced fees for conferences and workshops. 


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