Healthy Kids Make Better Learners

Connecticut Association of 
School Based Health Centers
Sponsoring Organizations

Organizational Members:                                           Affiliate Members:

- Branford Public Schools                                                                                        - Charter Oak Family Health Center

- Capitol Region Education Council                                                                         - Connecticut Dental Health Partnership

- Child and Family Agency                                                                                       - Community Health Network of CT, Inc.

- Community Health Center,Inc                                                                                - United Community & Family Services

- Connecticut Institute for Communities (CIFC)                                                       - Children's Fund of Connecticut

- Family Centers, Inc.                                                                                               - Connecticut Government Consulting Co. 

- Generations Family Health Centers                                                                       - Fair Haven Community Health Center    

- Griffin Hospital                                                                                                        - Connecticut Legal Services, Inc.

- Hartford Public Schools                                                                                          - Clifford Beers Clinic

- Human Services Council                                                                                                    - Wheeler Clinic

- New Haven Public Schools

- Optimus Health Care

- Quinnipiack Valley Health District

- Staywell Health Center

- Stratford Health Department

- Southwest Community Health Center

- Windham Board of Education

- Yale Child Study Center