Healthcare Reform and School-Based Health Centers

The Affordable Care Act has largely impacted the reform of the US healthcare system. There are new delivery and payment methods for health care services, emphasizing accountability for quality outcomes, greater incentives for prevention and primary care, and a focus on improvements in population health. School-based health centers can focus on their strengths -- integrating primary care, public health, and oral and mental health care - to take advantage of these changes. In Connecticut, SBHCs health insurance exchange known as Access Health CT, and certain SBHCs recognize these entities as eligible to become person-centered medical homes.

Through person-centered medical home programs and accountable care organizations, public and private insurers will reward primary care providers who help meet the triple aim of health reform: high quality, better outcomes, and lower costs.

The School-Based Health Alliance lists five steps SBHCs can take to ensure they benefit from any new methods to generate patient revenue from these reforms:

  • Measure quality
  • Ensure care coordination
  • Show your value
  • Get paid
  • Tell your story

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