Child & Adolescent Health

School-based health centers play a vital role in keeping children healthy and in school by providing immunizations on-site, dietary and exercise counseling, medication management, and asthma treatment.

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Mental Health

Estimates show that only a 1/4 of children who need mental health care receive it. Of those who receive mental health services, 70 - 80 % received that care in a school setting. The CT State Department of Education has found that only school-based health care systems devoted to regular education students' mental health needs in Connecticut are the Connecticut School-Based Health Care Center program.

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Emergency Preparedness & Bioterrorism

Creating a school-based all-hazards emergency response plan focusing on pediatric protocols and effective response to chemical, biological, nuclear, and unintentional public health emergencies such as natural disasters and emerging infections.

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School Integration

School-based health centers expand school health services and links to community-based health care systems and school climate. Health centers enhance accessibility, provide high-quality health care, and address both children and adolescents' long- and short-term needs.

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The Ct Association of School Based Health Center is committed to advocating for continued funding and support for School Based Health Centers across Connecticut. There are currently 92 school-based health centers providing more accessible, high quality medical, behavioral and oral health care for students.

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School Safety

Learn more about coping with an active shooter situation in school and address trauma after a violent event. Emergency preparedness and school safety.

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Sponsoring Organizations

Circle of Hands

Organizational Members:                                           Affiliate Members:

- Branford Public Schools                                                                                        - Charter Oak Family Health Center

- Capitol Region Education Council                                                                         

- Child and Family Agency                                                                                       - Community Health Network of CT, Inc.

- Community Health Center, Inc                                                                                - United Community & Family Services

- Connecticut Institute for Communities (CIFC)                                                       - Children's Fund of Connecticut

- Family Centers, Inc.         

- Generations Family Health Centers                                                                       - First Choice Health Centers 

- Griffin Hospital                                                                                                        - Intercommunity

- Hartford Public Schools                                                                                          - Clifford Beers Clinic

- Human Services Council                                                                                         - Wheeler Clinic

- New Haven Public Schools

- Optimus Health Care

- Quinnipiack Valley Health District

- Staywell Health Center

- Stratford Health Department

- Southwest Community Health Center

- Windham Board of Education

- Yale Child Study Center