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Connecticut Association of 
School Based Health Centers
The School Based Health Center Coordinator's Manual 2.0 Is Here!

The Connecticut Association of School-Based Health Centers has released the first edition of School-Based Health Center Coordinator’s Manual.  This manual provides extensive resources for starting, operating, and maintaining a school-based health center in the state of Connecticut.  The contents draw directly from public health codes and public acts that regulate outpatient health care facilities in Connecticut.  In addition, sample forms are included in the appendix for your adaptation and use.

The Coordinator’s Manual is an essential item for all school-based health centers in Connecticut.  Secure your copy today for only $50 and receive a virtual edition for free!

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Table of Contents




Connecticut Association of School-Based Health Centers

DPH & State Programs Call List

Advantages of a School Based Health Center

Certificate of Need Process

Outpatient Clinic Licensing Requirements

Outpatient Clinic Inspection

Definition of School-Based Health Centers

Procedure for Obtaining Medicaid Provider Number

Procedure for Obtaining a National Provider Identification Number

Medicaid Contracting

Private Insurance Contracting

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments

Minimum Primary Care Services Provided by School Based Health Center

School Nurse Agreement

Community Planning

Establishing a Community Advisory Committee

Management Structure for a School-Based Health Clinic

SBHC Staffing Options

Minimum Contents for Policy and Procedure Manual

Guidelines for Client Records

SBHC Management Information System Requirement

Recommendations for Electronic Health Records

Quality Assurance Plan

Quality Improvement vs. Quality Assurance



Appendix A: SBHC Directory

Appendix B: Sample Licensing Documents

Appendix C: Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments Documents

Appendix D: Standards for Mental Health Practice

Appendix E: APRN Regulations

Appendix F: Sample SBHC Forms

Appendix G: Reporting Requirements

Appendix H: SBHC Standard Model

Appendix I: Health Care Reform and School Based Health Centers

Appendix J: Program Operations Checklist

Appendix K: School-Based Definition, Standards, & Quality

Appendix L: Mental Health Screening at SBHCs


Appendix M: Immunizations

Appendix N: CASBHC Articles

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