Other Advisory Committees:

Children's Behavioral Health Plan

National Policy Collaborative

In collaboration with the School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA) and other state affiliates, CASBHC participates in multi-state policy learning collaborative for public and private funders. This collaborative goal is to advance policies that support and value the full integration of school health care within emerging organizational and financial models to achieve high-quality, cost-effective, population-focused health improvements and outcomes.

Projected Outcomes:

Have school-based health center standards and definition completed, approved by the School-based Health Center Advisory Committee, and submitted to the Commissioner of Public Health.

Work with legislators to introduce school-based health center definition in the legislative session.

The Department of Public Health, Department of Social Services, and CASBHC member organizations, SBHC Advisory Committee, and State Innovation Model (SIM) program office will know 'medical home' standards for SBHCs.

The person-centered school-based health center model will be accepted and recognized as an alternative model for school-based health centers in Connecticut.

Increase knowledge of health care finance reform strategies currently underway in Connecticut; advocate for payment reforms for school-based health centers that achieve practice transformation and demonstrable improvement in patient outcomes.

Connecticut Participants

Jesse White-Fresé - State Affiliate Team Leader
Executive Director
Connecticut Association of School Based Health Centers

Nina Holmes
Medical Policy Unit
Department of Social Services

Mark Keenan
Supervisor Adolescent and Child Health Unit
Department of Public Health

Yolanda Caldera-Durant
Senior Program Officer
Connecticut Health Foundation

JoAnn Eaccarino
School-Based Health Center Director
Child & Family Agency of Southeastern CT
Melanie Bonjour
School-based Health Center Director
CT Institute for Communities

Connecticut SBHC Policy Collaborative
Cross Team Learning Session
October 27, 2015