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Connecticut Association of 
School Based Health Centers

CASBHC Bioterrorism - Emergency Preparedness Project

The Connecticut Association of Schools Based Health Centers (CASBHC) has taken a leadership role in assisting school based health centers (SBHCs) in the development of a coordinated response to bioterrorism and other public health threats.  CASBHC is the single entity that represents all of the SBHCs in Connecticut, and has the unique opportunity to provide clinical and administrative leadership in the public health arena within the eighty two schools that house school-based health centers.  The Association has received funding from the Connecticut Department of Public Health to provide information to school based health centers, train SBHC staff in the National Incident Management System (NIMS), integrate with local public health preparedness activities, and collaborate with school personnel to develop and implement emergency preparedness plans.

Some highlights of this multi-year project include:

  •  A Bioterrorism Needs Assessment was administered to each of the 18 communities in Connecticut..
  •  Identify current and future provider training needs, including local, regional, and statewide training opportunities.
  •  A CASBHC Bioterrorism Emergency Preparedness Manual was designed, printed, and distributed
  •  Connecticut’s statewide involvement of school based health centers in coordinated emergency preparedness networks is unique. 

  • An equipment survey was developed and completed by each SBHC site
  • CASBHC prepared a poster presentation and workshop session entitled “A Crisis of a Different Magnitude:  Emergency Preparedness in School Based Health Centers”. 
  • All school based health centers received Emergency Kit “Go Bags” purchased by CASBHC. 
  • 220 SBHC clinical, administrative, and clerical staff have been trained in FEMA emergency preparedness courses IS 100, IS 200, IS 700 and IS 800.
  • School based health center representatives participate in local and regional networks.